Praise for Gilly Wright’s Red Pen.


Rie Warren [official site]

Gilly is a massive helpmeet, not only when it comes to editing, but also as a brilliant sounding board, plot ball juggler, critique artiste, and is always on hand when advice, info, research and general back rubs are needed.


Jenna Barton

An insightful and thorough editor, Gilly’s recommendations have made my writing better. She understands how to refine a story without losing the author’s voice.


A.D Wayy

Oh so sharp of pen and tongue. She will help you paddle your story, novel, manual, blurb, how-to, article, or shopping list into working order. First class and sass all the way!


James Vella [official site]

I worked with Gilly for my debut fiction publication, a collection of short stories entitled Devourings. Though I knew I wanted to voice my stories like a writer, I had (still have) no formal training and am eternally grateful for Gilly’s keen eye and the positivity and enthusiasm with which she approaches editing. Her contribution now in hindsight seems an imperceptible gloss, a sheen of professionalism over a debut writer’s naive foibles, but during the many hours we spent on Skype and email – counting and recounting overused phrases and split metaphors and erroneous plot exposition – that same contribution made all the difference to the finished work. Though I am still, as a new author, looking for my voice, I could not have started the trail without Gilly’s help.


Linsey Lanier [official site]

I hired Gilly for my recent release, FOREVER MINE (A Miranda’s Rights Mystery). She caught things I had missed, even after going over the book with a fine-tooth comb on my Kindle. Her editing was indispensable.


Laura Antoniou [official site]

I *highly recommend* Gilly for your copy-editing needs.